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My sister and I began Ice Cream a little over a year ago with the aim of selling superbly written and illustrated books to the wider world around us. "Turn the reality of your life into poetry, and the poetry of your life into reality," as our Mom used to say, and we have labored very hard to achieve the essence of that fine quote.

Starting absolutely from scratch, Ice Cream has been very much a family affair. Our Dad, a savvy veteran from the early software days, helps guide and steady the venture, while our Mom lends her pleasant voice to the Gobberwobbly narration. Our youngest brother Jack (aged 15) performs research and software testing, and Brendan, the middle brother (aged 19), has taken on much of the marketing and business strategy.

My sister Kate – our resident genius – writes about half of our stories, illustrates nearly all of them, and also composes and performs our original music on harp and piano. What a whiz!

Thus, one can readily see that there are no barriers between author and publisher here at Ice Cream. We are all the same people. Granted, we are still young and learning (and may we remain so) but already we stand proudly behind our work - original and meaningful children's stories told through the exciting new medium of touch-screen applications.

So, keep us in mind as we embark on this wonderful adventure, to bring to life a digital blend of the old and modern, with just a pinch of humor thrown in for good measure. We shall certainly try our very best. Thank you for visiting and warmest regards.


Patrick Buss

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