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AppAdvice "Ug tells a Stone Age adventure using all the marvels of the Information Age, including animations, effects, and narration. The end result is a new, but classic story about recognizing what's most important in life and finding your way home."
   - says AppAdvice

"The Gobberwobbly is a fantastic book and comes highly recommended for preschool age children."
   - says AppAdvice again


"New to the app scene, Ice Cream Fine Storybooks is a brother and sister duo with much promise. Now seventeen years after selling their first story to their parents for a single ice cream cone each, the talented pair have two children's apps available in the App Store: Ug and Gobberwobbly."
   - says PadGadget


"What happens when a boy named Ug decides he doesn't want to go to Stone Age school? The storybook app Ug will give you the answer. Together, Kate and Patrick Buss have created an original tale with unique illustrations."
   - says TheIphoneMom


"If you are looking for a top storybook app for your kids this summer, then Ug is one that Fun Educational Apps would highly recommend."
   - says FunEducationalApps

"The Gobberwobbly is a great addition to your iLibrary and will make excellent reading time for you and your kids."
   - also says FunEducationalApps


The Gobberwobbly is featured in June's Great Book Apps of the Month post.
   - as seen on iPhone4Kids

Press Materials

Ug Press Kit

Gobberwobbly Press Kit

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