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Thank you for visiting Ice Cream Fine Storybooks.  The home of the most creative, original, and exciting Children’s Picture Books available today.  The stories, original characters, quirky, humor and beautiful artwork make it easier for children young and old to enjoy and make memories together.

All of our books are available directly from us., or one of our partners 'Amazon.', ‘Long Overdue Books’ or ‘Magers and Quinn’ of Minneapolis. 


To purchase a book just click on the 'Buy' book button by the book you want to buy.  Click on the eBook link to take you to our eBook listings on Amazon, Apple iBooks or Google Books.

Feel free to visit us often as we will have news about our upcoming books,  new sites where you can buy our books and upcoming book promotions. 

Coming this spring our 5th book and the second book about the Horner's a family of everyday unicorns. 

Thanks again and keep reading!

Ice Cream Fine Storybooks

The Gobberwobbly:

A young boy befriends a furry sock-eating monster in this quiet tale of childhood and growing up. Who do you blame when all your socks go missing? It couldn’t possibly be that a ferocious sock-eating monster has snuck into your closet. But if one has and you manage to catch him, if you give him food and shelter and treat him kindly, he may just be tamed.

The Horners:

Introducing the Horner’s, a family of everyday unicorns and their pet flying pig ‘Puck’.  While Mr. & Mrs. Horner are getting busy with their days, big brother, big sister, and baby brother are off playing in their tree fort or making a movie.  When Grandma Horner comes over on her Harley it is time to play board games. Get to know the Horner’s and their adventures in this beautifully illustrated book and the other Horner stories to come.

The Book of Monsters from A to Z:

Learn your ABC’s and improve your mon-ster-ese with this remarkably illustrated collection of beautiful, bizarre, and downright hilarious monsters. Tiberius Q. Edelgeezer (professor of Monstrology, etc, etc) cordially invites you to explore the thrilling, chilling, sometimes bewildering, but always exhilarating world of monsters. Assembled into one complete volume (unless there’s a sequel), this book will help you and your loved ones spot the many beasts, fiends, and ghouls that roam the earth – and a quite a few that lurk beneath it. Each monster is not only richly illustrated but also poetically described by Professor Edelgeezer himself, so rest assured you’re in good hands. After all, what better guide to the field of monsters than a monster himself?

Little Green Frond:

An albatross finds a palm frond dropped from a palm tree in Hawaii. On his way home to Alaska, he is startled by a killer whale and drops the frond. The Alaskan animals see the palm frond for the first time and wonder what it is.  Is it a rug for the puffin's front door? Is it a hat for the walrus? Is it an exercise mat for the seal or a dinner plate for the sea otters? Find out what happens to the little green frond, in 'Little Green Frond'!

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