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Independent Book Stores 

These books stores are our selling partners where you can buy our books in person or through their own online bookstore. A brief description of each bookstore, along with their location and web site address is provided for you. We greatly appreciate these fine bookstores that carry our books and make them available to you.

Long Overdue Books

Long Overdue Books is both a publisher and seller of books, based in Chicago Illinois. We have collaborated with Long Overdue Books on formatting our books before they were published. You can purchase our books from Long Overdue Books online store. 

Magers & Quinn Booksellers

Magers and Quinn is an independently owned new and used bookseller located in the heart of the popular Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis, near the chain of lakes for which the city is famous.

For over 25 years Magers & Quinn has been sharing our love of books and reading with a passion to contribute to a livable community in which books play an important part.

Magers & Quinn Booksellers

3038 Hennepin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Would you like to Sell our books?

We are always looking for independent booksellers to partner with us to sell our books.  Click on the button to send us an email to find out how you can sell our books!

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