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Little Green Frond - eBook

Little Green Frond - eBook

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An albatross flying to his nest in Alaska carrying a palm frond from Hawaii, is startled by a killer whale and drops the frond. The Alaskan animals see the palm frond for the first time and wonder what it is. Is it a rug for the puffin's front door? Is it a hat for the walrus? Is it an exercise mat for the seal or a dinner plate for the sea otters? Find out what happens to the little green frond, in 'Little Green Frond'!


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  • Purchasing eBook Version

    The eBook version of 'Little Green Frond' is only available from Amazon for the Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks for Apple phones and tablets and Google Play for Android phones and tablets. It cannot be purchased from the Ice Cream Publishing store.

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